TOTPRadius : migrating from previous versions using full backup and restore functions

This option allows taking a full backup of the appliance, including users, hardware tokens, configuration, certificate and license* files. The backup can be restored on the TOTPRadius versions starting from 0.2.7. Administrative credentials, web access (username: admin) or ssh access (username: totpradius), are not included in this backup.

The function is located on the Export/Import page under Backup and Restore tab.

TOTPRadius : migrating from previous versions using full backup and restore functions

The file generated by "Download full backup" button will have t2bckp extension and will contain all settings, certificates, users and hardware tokens tables and is ready to fully migrate between appliances.

Please note that if the MAC address of the VM has changed, the license file has to be regenerated

Migrating from previous versions

The full backup feature is introduced in version 0.2.7, however, we also prepared a patch that allows generating and downloading the full backup file from older versions. The steps are as shown below:

  • Upload backup.php to /var/www/html/admin/ via SSH/SFTP (you can use WinSCP, FileZilla or any other client supporting SFTP)
  • Navigate to http(s)://FQDN_OR_IP/admin/backup.php and click on "Download backup" button
  • This will download a file with .t2bckp extension which you can use to restore the configuration on newer versions of TOTPRadius (>0.2.7)

The patch can be downloaded here.

Please note that the backup and restore feature will not work for:
- FIDO Security keys registrations (for versions older than 0.2.8)
- FIDO Security keys-based VPN sessions 
- Oauth2 associations and sessions
- Slave appliance details
If you already have TOTPRadius 0.2.7 or later deployed and configured, you can also upgrade to using the upgrade package